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Well Saturday morning July 28th brought yet another Northerly to us. I was laying in bed around 7 am thinking how dead the air was ouitside as I could not hear even a light amout of wrestling of the nearby trees or bushes when suddenly around 7:30 the blinds in the living room sounded as if someone was trying to break in! Wow I gusess that must be the next cool front coming in.

I arose to make coffee and to my amazement, was greeted by the nearby trees swaying in the wind. the forecast had again downgraded a bit on Lake St. Clair, but judging by the strength of the breeze it was obvious that if it persisted we would soon be on the water. Dave Simon e-mailed me around 7:30 saying there was nothing in his area as of yet, but then re-e-mailed about ten minutes later saying whoooah it just hit!

I was soon online letting everyone know if you could make it out the wind was forecast to be at it's peak between 11 am and 2pm. We had a bit of breakfast loaded up and drove out to the launch area. Brooke was already out and sailing when we arrived.We rigged up and ventured out, sailed pretty much powered up till about 11:30 and then rigged up a 7.5 for myself and gave Ann my 6.5 and continued sailing for about another half an hour or so.

Others starrted showing up but unfortunately by that time (aound 12:30) the wind was ebbing, We continued to slog thinking all the time that it was just a momentary lull, but alas although we could see lots of whitecaps and it seemed one of those times where if you could pinch out 30 feet further you would truly be rewarded with some good powered runs it was not to be so. We soon gave up calling it a day happy to have been there early enough to catch another 2 hour session close to home.

I think I have sailed this area this year on Northerlies more than in the last three years put together. Seems the record heat has had it's advantages as it always seems to be followed up by a cool front with a Northerly wind. Looking back most of our summer sailing has taken place on Lake Erie in our predominant SouthWesteries. This year has been a real treat as the sailing has been very close to home. We usually don't get  Northerlies in the peak of the summer but usually in early Spring or Fall, when the water and air temps can be quite cool. The water temp now in St. Clair is 78.8 deg F negating the need of a heavy wetsuit, or dry or most of all thck booties, indeed a real treat!!

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I seem to have been missing all the sailing this year, but I'm back after sailing 6/8 days in Maui.  Ready for some shark-free sailing in the good ol' Great Lakes.  Hoping those Northerlies will give us some good sessions at Caseville yet this summer.



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