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My name is Ben and I am in my second full season of windsurfing I recently bought a 141 starboard go and am trying to dial in my fins. It came with a drake 46 freeride fin. Anyhow before I go spend a bunch of money on fins I was wondering if anyone had any examples of what they are riding with there boards and sail sizes. I am 190 lbs and ride a 5.5 6.5 7.5 cheetah and a 9.5 lion I know for sure I probably need a larger fin for my 9.5 which I mostly use on a 190 rio and A smaller one on my5.5 when I use my 141. Any advice examples of quivers or possible fins for sale would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Not a fin expert, but I do have more fins than I care to admit to.  I think the 46 cm should be good with your 9.5 m2 sail, depending on the board and depending on how efficient you are.  You mentioned two different boards.  There's one rule of thumb that says if you measure the board width one foot from the tail, that's the fin size you need.  I don't know how accurate that is, but wider boards do need larger fins.  There's a fin size calculator here that might serve as a guide:


If you're sailing a 5.5 on that big starboard, then you might need a smaller fin, but only if you're feeling overpowered.  Most of use would be on much smaller board with a 5.5 m2 sail.

Sizes of fins.. Use the fin guides posted with the different fins, this being a general rule.

Take your sail size...9.5 lion... Multiply times 5. Add 3 ..this = 50.5
The numbers 5 and 3 are constant. Your weight being above 175 lb, the mean average considered by most as average weight , means you could go smaller in fin size.


This are new in larger sizes up to 40cm, the material of the longer fins is quite stiff.
The exchange rate is very favorable , the tax is deducted as well.
Contact me if I can help
The number of things to consider are ability, weight, sea state , the board itself.

Your range from 5.5 sails to 9.5 using this is 30.5 to 50.5 cm.
The 9.5 and 7.5 would /should be fine on the 46cm fin, providing it's efficient, small for 7.5 better..like 38cm.

IMO the 5.5 sail is too small for the GO, or the other board, but using a smaller fin would help control.

A 38cm would do on the 6.5 and 7.5, the 5.5 I would make do with that as well.

Are both boards Tuttle ? Look for smaller used fins
Thank you for the reply I understand that 5.5 conditions are not ideal for my 141 go I am considering getting a 120 in the near future which I will be researching soon I am still a bit inefficient at my water starts but my harness and footstrap use is pretty good now. I only use my 190 rio with my 9.5 which came with a stock drake shallow fin. To me when I ride the 5.5 with the 46 it is a bit stiff feeling so I definitely will get a smaller fin as suggested and I feel my ability is such I could easily ride a 120 and be comfortable. I definitely am hooked on windsurfing and basically am still dialing in my equipment. Most people around this area kit so I don't have many windsurfers around to ask questions so I do respect anyone's advice that has been sailing for a while. Any reccomendations for a smaller freeride board before the heavier fall winds set in would be appreciated. Thanks
My experience with Freeride of late has been Tabou Rockets, having a 135, now, a 145 and 115 prior.

An option would be the wide version, then go smaller in size. The FR is a popular style, all the companies will have options.

The iwindsurf forum has plenty of reading, and a host of EXPERTS.lol.

Water starts are these very large boards is difficult to learn, it's far easier in a small board.
All the fin companies will offer size and specific fin advise, remember they don't sail your size board and will probably be very efficient, which most of us aren't.
Thanks I will look into those boards and I have heard smaller boards are easier to waterstart so I am excited to give that a try. I also think I should be able to go faster. Thanks again
Yes both boards are Tuttle .
This is good, but a smaller FR will probably be powerbox.
The current boards, don't generally , get much press on replacement fins, I would look at used.
I do feel some improvement with a better fin is possible.

Please take all advise on things , as that, nothing is written in stone, and most opinions are based on what the poster has in the van.



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