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Three in a row today on St. Clair,, so what is four in a row, maybe tomorrow??? Arrived at 10 am sailed on 5.5 and 90 for about an hour switched down to 5.0 (big deal, half a meter???) to try to get some control back, seemed to work though, maybe I had more downhaul in the 5.0. Anyway sailed until about 4pm and could have rerigged to 4.5 (really!!). Les stayed behind and sailed down to 3.5 or something, me I opted for home, hot tub and margaritas! So are you guys shoving all your weeds out of everywhere over on your side? No mater how far out I went there was this crazy grassy seaweed. Even weedfins weren't all that effective at times,, never seen this on St. Clair before. Also I think the weeds were cutting down the size of the waves as the water seemed very flat and hard to find a ramp. 10 pm and it's still raining. Very soggy day. The water has cooled significantly in the last week. hard to believe it was 95 deg F  last Saturday.

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Four for four!!!  went out on St. Claire. at Lucie's place, a few miles to the East of our usual launch area. I sailed a 5.5 with 90litre and  Lucie on a 105 and 4.7. Planned up the whole time but more power at times than others. What a difference a day makes wasn't 5.0 but wow! the weeds had all blown into shore and were way less prevelent in the Lake. Waves were coming in in  really nice rolling sets about 3 to 4 foot high. Because the wind had lasted through the night they were way. way cleaner and larger. Nice banking waves to jibe off on the outside, and because the is no breakwall in the area just sandy beach there is also no backwash. We sailed for about two hours and as we came in could see that we had made the right choice as the wind was ebbing.
Just like last year - no one sails more than Don Ferguson!
WOW! 4 in a row on Lake Saint Clair that's unheard of. That's got to be a record.
My best is 2 in a row and I usually don't miss a worthwhile session.
And sorry for the weeds I'm sure with the 4 day NE blow they came from our side of the Pond.
And Tom Janicki is second only to Don Ferguson!
Errr,, did you guys get out yesterday?? Rondeau, 5.5 and 90 litres, we got in about 4 good hours early in the day. By the way does Blue Lagoon woork for you on northerlies??


I think Tom and Millard went out, but I don't think we actually got any wind.


Yes - quite a few of us were at Metro early but not early enough.
Also the afternoon sesh at BL was a skunker.
1 day, 2 skunkers at 2 different venues - when will I learn...

Yes I know that feeling. When you sail often the forecast is bound to be wrong sometimes, even though we keep telling ourselves not to go unless we are sure. Occasionally of course the worst is when a sensor reads 20+ while at home so we pack up and go and of course it has blown through by the time we get there,, Uggghhhhh!!!! A few years back we were all headed up to Rondeau 25+ on the sensor, and as we approached the gate the ranger came out and said, sorry boys dear cull in the park today, you can't come in!  NO!!!! you've got to be kidding, we just drove an hour to gewt here!!

Anyway I am thinking of comng over to MB tomorrow during the day with the Northerly forecast as I have to pick up some sails from Fed Ex in Grosse Pointe area on Mack Ave but I wasn't sure if North would be too off shore.



In that case come on over to Blue Lagoon - there is a slight chance of a $30.00 charge if it is discovered that you don't have a Blue Lagoon Windsport sticker on your vehicle. Usually they are not checking this time of year.

There is a good grassy riggin area for those new sails.

It's ok but I would think your side of the Lake would work better in Northerlies.

At the Lagoon the wind/wave fetch iis not the greatest with N to NW winds.so winds are often gusty..



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