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There is a new windsurfing instructor program taking hold. https://www.windsurfingipa.org/

The web site is worth a look. It is supported by many pros and others to help promote the sport. It is geared towards getting more instructors out there, but there is a lot of related info as well. It appears to be better supported than US Sailing was (they are also backing this program and forgoing theirs). They are offering a gratis Level 1 rating for those with a US Sailing Instructor rating if you "join" and buy the book they are promoting. Registering is free. The book is about $70 depending on where you order. Already having a US Sailing rating, I went ahead and did sign up and got the book (so I will get my Level 1 rating). It is pretty awesome. It is 477 pages of full color photos and verbiage describing any trick and technique you can imagine and likely many you never knew existed. It gives tips and steps to take to learn moves and tells you what move would use what you previously learned to go on to the next one; progressive teachings. It also covers the basics as well. Check it out.

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I was interested in this even though I'm a beginner really but I'm passionate about the sport. So l looked into it and downloaded the sample of the beginner portion that tricktionary had available. I'm a little confused, and again I'm a beginner and only taught one guy to go out 400 feet and turn around and come back, but the portion that describes stances had one thing that jumped out at me. It said on medium wind that you stand with your hips out further than your shoulders, the image they had with it showed the stick figure guy standing more like a > than a 7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we lose power when we bend at the waist? Also wouldn't surfing with your hips out further than your shoulders cause lower back pain? I know from when I first started that when I bend my back when up hauling it killed my lower back.  I'm not trying to discredit the book at all, just trying to understand it because I wouldn't wanna teach someone the wrong posture for certain wind conditions. Anyway thank you for sharing this as I'd like to get more people interested in the sport here around Muskegon! 

Hi Shaun. It appears you are referring to the "complimentary" ABK manual, page 19, as the Tricktionary book is all full color pictures - no stick figures.  I am not sure why they show light wind and high wind with normal stance, but medium wind with bent stance. That section is particular to long board upwind sailing, but still....I am guessing he (Andy Brandt) is encouraging one to hang down on the boom and apply mast base pressure to promote planing instead of slogging. Once planing, you would stand back up and get into the normal, back-friendly stance. Or if planing is not likely, stand up anyway.  In high wind, you'd be planing and would not need to use MBP to get going.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you need further help. Congrats on promoting the sport on your side of the state. If you had a group and wanted help teaching let me know.  Hopefully you have good beginner gear so as to provide a good first experience. Wrong gear and inadequate instruction is usually the reason most people try once, and not again.

Ah that would make sense. And I guess I should have said more like the figures you see on bathroom stalls rather than stick figures. Anyway thanks for the info and the description. Would it be okay if I emailed you for a more in depth conversation about the Windsurfing instructor program? I saw your email on the main page but wanted to ask permission first. Thanks again and safe sailing on the waters to you.

sure, no problem. glad to help



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