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Hi MI Windsurfing.  A friend gave me a tip about posting a message here seeking help.  Here goes...

I recently broke the fin box on an old (circa 1986) Mistral Competition SST board.  This was an old style "American" style fin box (I think that is what it is called anyway).

The broken part came out of the board very simply with 3 screws and looks like what you see in the picture.  It was not bonded in.  I am trying to find a suitable replacement part either via some aftermarket supplier or by cannibalizing an old board that someone has in their garage.  

I have seen some sites online that are selling a chinook style (I think this is the same thing) fin box) but these do not appear to have the flanges all the way around and (I think) would require me to create a larger opening in the board and then glass them in place (if I have to do it I will, but I hope I can solve this problem more easily).  I probably already have a minor glass repair on the skin of the board adjacent to the fix box anyway b/c the skin buckled up slightly when the fin box failed.

Lastly, the fin I had in when this happened was about a 12" straight fin.  Unfortunately, it fell out and sank so if I am able to repair the fin box I am going to be looking for a comparable fin.  I have seen the weed style fins and that could be handy too since I sometimes sail on the Portage chain of lakes near Ann Arbor and weeds are an issue there.

Any suggestions or donor parts are much appreciated!


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Seems like you've already found the chinook parts... I've been happy with these guys:
Your best bet may be to scour craigslist looking for the SST to scavenge parts from,
or replace yours... The replacement should come with a fin too! When you add up the
fin, new box, epoxy, glass, and your time, the craigslist replacement may be a bargain.


RE the fin box surface plate, is it possible to repair the plate itself with epoxy?  Having not seen it 'live', I can't tell.

I've heard that Larson's in CO has old Mistral parts.  You might call them:  http://www.larsonsport.com/index.php/

I've also heard that The House also has old parts:  http://www.the-house.com/windsurfing.html

If the fin is an A box, then you can get windsurf and SUP fins that will work.  The trick is matching the width of the fin base.  Some surf and SUP fins are narrower than windsurfing bases, by about 0.015".  I think a windsurf shop can sell you a fin.


Sadly, THIS is the friend who suggested I try this site to find the part I need.  The stars did not align b/c he in fact had the exact same board and gave it away just weeks before mine broke.  I will keep looking!

Hello Eric, was wondering if you were able to resolve your issue with your fin box.  I have the exact same problem and am trying to repair/replace it.  If you were able to repair or replace would you mind sharing that info with me?  Appreciate it.


Hi Doug...sadly, I have yet to get the board back out on the water.  I did find a replacement part from a very similar Mistral board a friend happened to have lying in her garage.  It basically fits, but the screw holes are not quite the same (1 less).  I think it would work if I glassed it in somehow with the screws I can make fit, but I have not gotten around to it yet.  I could probably do the same with the original broken part (just glass it in) but I am reluctant to do that b/c the next time it breaks I will really be stuck.  Good luck fixing yours!



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