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 I was able to get out yesterday afternoon on St. Clair at our launch at Lakewood for a few hours between 3 and 5:30 on a 6.0 and 100 liters at first I was slightly underpowered as the wind was ebbing around 3:30 just as I was thinking about packing it in the wind began to pick up again and so I stayed for another hour and a half. By the end I was tired and cold and overpowered, as I could have gone back on the water and still been powered up with a 5M but at that time our hot tub and beer were beckoning me. Observations were that although the water level has come up significantly making the waves somewhat bigger than in rescent years,  the water is also breaking against the metal breakwalls along the shoreline causing a bad backwash if you are not well powered up off the start. Once you are powered up however they are not of much concern and occasionally one will combine with an incoming wave to jack up to a double amp making for some great jump ramps. Air temps by the time I came in had fallen from 48 Deg to about 45. The water is still coffee coloured and not very inviting but it was a lot of fun, until it was time to de-rig.

Back out again today for two hours, Noon till about 2, same place but with a 6.5 this time. Lots of power, again some great ramps and big waves felt cooler at the start but de-rigging was a little warmer as the temp had gone up to 52 Deg. I like this direction here as it is blowing on shore and in cold water, in case of a breakdown, you will get blown in so it is relatively safe to sail this direction (NE) alone here. Don

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t's good you got out I'm starting to wonder abouy May.

It's been my worst month for sailing in Michigan for the

past 4 seasons.


I  wish I could go back to Hatteras. I am not really big on sailing conditions under 50 deg. but being close to home and hot tub help. Also add a touch of desperation, and in the end I am glad I went out. As you said last fall once in the water your adrenilin will keep you warm at least until you de-rig. Looks like Sunday and Monday may work for us at Rondeau Bay. warm air+SW airflow+storms in the distance( to the SW) add up to good sailing conditons there and no weeds to deal with as of yet.  During the second hour I was sailing yesterday on a reach I heard a loud creak, I think it was the rubber mast shim at the boom connection that may have slipped a bit. (We run rdm's) The boom has about 25 sessions on it, but Hatteras this spring stressed it pretty good. Somedays my gear scares me! I had an hourglass let go in Hatteras on a big 4.6 day fortunately the webbing got mer back to shore without having to walk. Again I should have checked the hourglass, my fault.


I'm with you on the cold weather stuff - especially when you're sailing alone.  I think you're already in contention for the most sessions in 2011 though.  Those lucky retired guys!!!




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