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Great sesh at metro all afternoon today for anyone who could stomach the cold.  When I got there a little after 1 PM, the guys were all coming off the water to rig down to 5.5 and 5.0's.  I rigged 4.5 with my 85L and it was perfect. About 5 or 6 sailors and maybe about the same or a few more kiters. The wind held out until a little after 3:30 when it started to get holey.  The swells were really nice and the wind was better than expected...so definitely worth venturing out in the cold!  It helped that the water in LSC is still 50F (according to Justweather.com) so falling in wasn't a shock....or maybe i just blew so many jibes that I got used to the water. :|~   

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A Surprise session, not a surprise for the wind but a surprise for the the amount of windsurfers\kiters enjoying the conditions on the water.
Here is the wind data from Sunday, 11//14/2010 obtained from the Metro Beach WeatherTalker..
I reeeeally wish I could have made that session.. Hoping there's still some reasonable weather left this season.
Hats off to you all ! We were comming back from Goderich on Sunday and the wind looked good but the air temp was showing 41 degrees!! I tried to get out yesterday as the temp hit 50 the wind took a siesta!!
I think it was 42 degrees all day Sunday... but the water temp was 50, so it was very tolerable. No shock when you fell in! Helps to have a big group of sailors to coax you out into it though!
That is definatley true!! Although I try not to subscribe to the machoism that windsurfing can bring on, I rather adhere to the zen belief in "truth in windsurfing to help your brothers and sisters" is much more advantageous in the long run. We definatley can bolster each other in adverse conditions. I sailed years ago in Belle River beach a few weeks after Labour Day. Temps started out at about 58 or so but plummeted to the mid forties by the end of the session about 5 or 6 hours later,. surprised it didn't snow!! But we bolstered each other to get er done!! And had a great time. CBC showed up and I still have the video footage, 4.6 M sail. You guys had much colder water temps and starting out air temps, I salute you all!!
Maybe a lone session in it for me tomorrow on St. Claire if I can take some courage from your session Sunday!
St. Clair buoy is showing 24 mph at 8 am???? Air temp is around 46. I just got back from a 5 min ride out to our launch area! Nada white cap in site,, I would be hard pressed to move on a 7.5??? WNW here is kind of side on, sooo dosn't look like it is going to be a day, buoy showed 40 around 2 am, so it must have blown through again. Here is the thing, if your hands get cold when the temp is 45F and in the event of a breakdown getting blown in would take an awfuil long time and jury rigging would be impossible as my fingers are too cold to get anything accomplished. Still I would have liked one last blast for this year. Maybe Monday,,, looks to be a SW forecast.
I won't sail alone for the reasons you described...except on a really small inland lake....even in warm weather. Last year day before Thanksgiving I got out of work early wind blowing... hightailed it to metro which is 1.5 hr from my office...got there, cold, gray, and temps in the 40s, but thrilled to see white caps. I would have sailed in a heartbeat, but the only one there was a duck hunter... so after all that I turned around and went home. big disappointment...never occurred to me no one else would be there...after all I was there and I'm a girl! but probably a good decision. One of our friends had his gear blow away this summer and was stuck out in Lake St. Claire for awhile... I wouldn't want that in any temp.
We have some rather crazy duck hunters over here last time out I got as warning salvo fired at, or over me,. had to drink some water to see if I had any holes in me as it was too cold to feel anything.
I only get really comfortable on my own if it is onshore. Despite keeping our gear newer, Ann and l have had so many things break we are learning great new ways to jury rig sruff. But in onshore at least you know you will get blown back in, even if your hands are too cold to do anything of value.



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