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I have seen several trailers used by people for hauling their gear. Where do people get those? I understand that some of them survived since the time when windsurfing was popular. Is there anybody who makes those nowadays? Although I have a big car I do not like stacking gear too much especially with carbon boards. It would be nice to have a trailer where I could lock all my gear including boards.

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Hi Ivan check "gear 4 sale". I have freind in Wallaceburg (Geoff) selling one. very nice setup and you can modify it to suit. Malcolm in Blenheim Ont is alsoo selling one. His add is


Also I know of a place up near Goderich Ontario ( Brussells Ont actually) that does snowmobile trailers but will build windsurfing trailers to suit brand new If you are wiling to pay for it. Craig Bergh in Okabena Minn ordered one form them and from what I know has beenvery happy with it. You can contact him at www.midwestspeed quest.com

Thank you for the info. Not sure how to title transfer from Canada works. Will have to check.

BTW, Malcolm never returned my calls. Not sure what the deal is.

I'll check with Geoff. I saw the add but it looked like the boards were attached on the outside. I would prefer something lockable and protective. 2 of my boards are carbon and are very fragile. 

Yes I understand the security issue. I will call Malcolm this morning and try to find out what is up? He may have already sold his stuff. On the other note my f-i50 has a great rack to hold at least eight boards but they are on the outside as well so I am trying to devise a locking line to attath them to keep them secure!


When I carry a sturdier board on the roof of my car I use these cords:


They have locks and a steel cable inside. You cannot cut them with a knife. Everything can be defeated of course, but these are better than the regular straps.

Hmm  thanks, very interesting, I suppose that is $100.00/pair of straps (I hope)! Yikes Annabel and myself thats $600.00 for all six board security straps!  Worth it if theft is an issue as it is very nice to sleep at night when your boards are sitting there open to who knows what. By the way Craigs triailer is the only one I have ever seen that houses all his boards inside of it!

Hello Ivan, yeah I got it,, the straps come in pairs thank goodness, wonder how you shorten them if you don't need them so long, Diamond blade?? Anyway thanks for the link I will definately be looking into these, any luck with boards or trailers today??

OK I just touched base with Malcolm and he said there was some interference when you called and he said he could not quite get the number but told me to have you call him this morning at 1-519-674-0681 Let me know if it all works out for you!

Hi Ivan & Don - this is what you need if you want to keep the boards inside...by the maker of the trailer Don was referring to owned by the MidWest Speedquest guy.....




All aluminum - lightweight - and totally customizable.  Not cheap, but I hear they are AMAZING!  The shop is only a few hours from the US/Canada border at Port Huron.  Their website says they have sold and delivered trailers in the States...I am sure they would have the low-down on the cross-border processes.


Rondeauboy (aka Dave)

I found this in the Google archives...the catalogue from 2008.  I don't think the design has changed, but I would have to assume the price has changed slightly due to the increased cost of raw aluminum.




Remember...you get what you pay for. 

I think that might be Craig's or at least it looks just like his! Uhh from what I remember! We were there in 2007!

Thanks Dave. This looks pretty good. I would need to look at it in person though. It's not quite clear to me how you secure your boards to the racks. I would hate the boards to be tossed around on bumps. Probably regular straps and padding. I should have kept my old car if I knew these things existed. ;)

The boards would stay put with normal tie down straps, or even strong bungee cords.  Being aluminum, according to the specs for a standard model, weighs only 800 lbs...light enough to be pulled by pretty much any car that you can put a trailer hitch on.



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