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Starting to forget what it's like to stand on a windsurf board  . . .ughhh

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N at 15mph at 11 am was beginning to get my attention (desperate) but back down to 13 at noon so I guess it's time to put on my rollerblades and go for a spin. It is buffering or domming as it comes toward shore somewhat especially in the hottest part of the day. Belle river is getting 4. sometimes as it cools off a bit the wind picks up here after supper so stay tuned.
Monday they are calling for some Southwesterly airflow (finally) so this might be my first Rondeau session this year if the forecast holds. They are also calling for scattered thunderstorms which might also help the situation there. My theory is because of the shape of the bay and it's allignment to South West by mid day as the temps increase, the farmers fields to the North East, heat up and as the air rises from them it pulls cool air in from the lake and the bay seems to act as a venturi cpmpressing and accelerating the wind. Hence the fact that it can be so much windier there than on Lake Erie itself. A lot of people love it for it's consistency often said to be akin to being pulled along on a windsurfer by a boat.
Also distant thunderstorms say in Clevland tend to pinch wind up through this area. Don
Around 7:30pm or so I had given up on the possibility of any wind coming in on Lake St. Clair. Looks like it just isn't going to happen to night. There is nothing more pathetic than going to the beach rigging up equipment and sitting and waiting for wind.
Of course as I sit on my back deck sipping a gin and tonic, the first gusts begin to arrive. I spring to my feet and run in to check I windsurf.com and of course the eight pm update is saying NNE at 16 mph. As I sat and slowly watched the sun sink into the west and the gusts get progresively stronger I agonize over not taking the pathetic route and getting a good one or two hour session in last nigtt. Checking the yesterday readings for St. Clair it did top out at twenty just before sunset and so would have been great fun albeit short lived.
Looking at the forecast for today it may pan out to have some promising wind again in the afternoon, lets keep our fingers crossed.
Yes, the wind did come up from the NE last night at about 8:30 here in St Clair Shores - If I had my 5.5 or 6.0 rigged and ready I could of had a 45 minute session before the darkness.
What is the the Boy Scout motto?
You're always the first one on the water and the last one off. If you didn't get any, then nobody did!
Maybe again tonight 15 at 5pm at the St. Clair marker and increasing. Still not much just off shore yet. Keep posted
Ran out and rigged 7.5 and 120 ltres. Slogged first run and then powered up for the next hour. Fun sailing, I love taunting the sailboats out of southport yacht club when I get well powered like this. Anyway had fo come home as I have relatives coming in from out of town, but at least I got a bit. Hope you guys got out as well, it's been too long.
Oh, lucky duck. I was (delayed) in the car driving to Caseville and missed the wind by the time I got here.
Good Morning. How is Caseville anyway?? A fella used to have a windsurfing event there a few years ago and we were always wanting to attend but the years we were going to go I think was before global warming started to happen (2005 or so)
as my memory recalls it almost snowed one year. Windsurfing, tenting, and cold temps tend to dull my enthusiasm. However if you guys still windsurf there we would like to come up sometime to check it out. Here is the wind for last night

I wonder if Tom got out.



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