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Woke up on Tuesday to rain and a downgraded forecast. By about eight am the rain had passed and the sun was beginning to shine, the forecast was for around 14 mph out of the SW, but knowing Rondeau. I began packing up some gear but was unsure about bringing small stuff or rollerblades. Fortunatley the small stuff won out because when I got there to my surprise it was already blowing.

Looking at the water however one could not tell how much. It had a fair amount of South on it at this point and was slightly side off shore. I did a quick trip to the end of the pier to get a wind reading and I am glad I did as it was easily twenty gusting more. Initially I had thought of rigging a 7.5 or 6.5, glad I did not. I settled on 6.0 and my 120 Blast. I then sailed for about an hour fully powered and alone. Shortly Marek showed up as I was coming in to downsize boards and go 90 ltrs as I was beginning to get vey powered up. Marek asked what sail size, and I told him 6.0, and vey powered. He said he too had listened to the forecast and hadn't brought anything smaller.  We both ventured out, as I did a run over half way out I was feeling even more powered up,to slightly over powered. I did about four or five runs and finally came in to re-rig to 5.0. The last time I saw Marek he was way upwind half way to Erieau. I sailed well powered now for more than an hour all the time keeping an eye out for Marek of whom I could see no trace. Around one pm I stopped for a bite to eat and some water. At this point, I could see Marek walking his way along the shoreline back. Brian had shown up in the meantime and asked what I was using and after fnding out he said he would sit it out for a while until it dropped down a bit, Marek in the meantime had gotten back in and too was in rest and wait mode. I continued to sail for another two hours gradually switching back up to my 6.0.

as the wind slowly clocked around to Westerly. As I was leaving at four pm the wind had backed off

totally for about fifteen minutes but had returned forcefully from the West. Both Marek and Brian were now out and a new person had arrived and was rigging a 6.5. Again looking at the graph today it appeared to have blown right through six pm so I am sure everone got there fill.

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You're getting more TOW than all the rest of us combined! Me, I've sailed twice, for about an hour each, in the last month. Please share.
Again today there!!! although it looks as if there is going to be a direct hit from a huge storm there around 1 or 2 pm this afternoon. I am staying put for now. Amazingly I have seen guys sailing when I can hear thunder. that is usaully my que to call it quits.
It was a little odd in the morning yesterday with the slight off shore wind there were no whitecaps indicating wind strength, and flat, flat water.. well out of proportion with the wind but making for great hero jibes inshore as long as you didn't come in too close
Hey when are you leaving for the Gorge? You should get plenty of wind there. Then the rest of us won't be able to keep up with you.
I'll only be in the gorge July 16-19, and most of that time I'll spend in the water watching people jump over me.



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