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Keep Windsurfing as an Olympic Discipline

I just got back from Hatteras to see that the 2016 Olympic Committee really screwed up.  There are so many people that have given so much time and money to train and prepare for the Olympics.  Gear has been developed.  Training centers and programs are in place.  It's really a shame to remove windsurfing.  It's not too late.  Please check out this site and sign the petition:…


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Meet Steve Bodner, USA 4

For the second installment our Get to Know More Than Sail Size series, Michigan Windsurfing’s Will Splashtack sneaked into the city by the bay to interview Steve Bodner, USA 4.  Steve is another Michigan/Ohio-made windsurfer who has definitely made his ‘mark’.  If you followed the recent Lord of the Wind Showdown or the La Ventana Classic, then you’ll already be aware of some of Steve’s most recent accomplishments.  If…


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The Battle: Dry vs Wet

Taken from Casey's Blog, on the Reef Warriors

Casey’s Blog:

So I was talking to Randy from Michigan and he asked me if my wetsuit was a drysuit in my cold…


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Meet Tim Ortlieb

As the first of a Get to Know More Than Sail Size series, Michigan Windsurfing sent intrepid reporter, Will Splashtack, out to the Gorge to interview Tim Ortlieb.  Tim is a made-in-Michigan windsurfer who found a career in the ‘industry’.  If you ordered a new Ezzy sail, it may have come from Tim.  So meet Ezzy’s main man on the mainland(click the title or the Blogs tab to see full…


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From the windsurfing archives an article from USA Today about late season windsurfing in Michigan back in 2003.


Happy New Year!
From the windsurfing archives an article from USA Today about late season windsurfing in Michigan back in 2003.
Included are some Metro Beach regulars.
This year we had some folks on the water in December and January -maybe a year round sport in Michigan?



Added by Tom Janicki on January 4, 2012 at 7:34pm — 1 Comment

Windsurfing Magazine Goes Down

In case you haven't been reading the forums, it looks like Windsurfing Magazine will suspend publication, apparently to the surprise of the editor.  This from Josh Sampiero on the iWinsurf Forum:

Hey everyone,

Word is getting around, and I wanted to be the one to tell the iWindsurf community.

WINDSURFING magazine will be suspending publication for the upcoming year.

There's still quite a few details I'm not sure about,…


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Maybe the last 2011 Session?

Millard, Keith and Craig took advantage of the relatively warm winds on Thursday to get at least one more session in before 2011 closes out.  Millard said that he pushed the limits of hypothermia that day, but he managed to get this GoPro footage:


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Metro Beach Session 11-9-2011

Wednesday 11/9/2011, Metro Beach

Arrived onsite at 2:00 with an onshore wind, already there were several windsurfers on the water all with 5.5 to 6.0s.

Kind of strange such big sails for the wind at hand. Lesson 1: Onshore winds always look and feel windier.

I figured a 5.5 would work for me so I rigged the 5.5 Ezzy with the 101 RRD and went out for a spin.…


Added by Tom Janicki on November 10, 2011 at 9:39pm — 1 Comment

Lake Erie Gang last week

Saw this posted by the Reef Warrior last week:


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Original Windsurfer in Windsurfer International

Just wanted to give a shout-out for Ted Schweitzer and his article on Original Windsurfing in the latest Windsurfer International:


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Some Friends to the East

Just saw a new site by some Lake Erie sailors. 

Check them out:  Reef Warriors

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New Blood



Okay, this has nothing to do with Michigan windsurfing, other than the fact that we could use some more young blood in the sport.  Mike and Dave are doing a good thing with the Demo Tour, and Ted's fueling the stoke with his Original Windsurfer, but this video (thanks to DaNews)  just hit the spot for me:

p.s. When you're teaching kids, or anyone for that matter,…


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New Beginner's Guide

Starboard has a new beginner's site:  http://www.start-windsurfing.com

I added it to the links on the right.

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Great Lakes Demo Tour

The first two of the "Windsurfing 101" events sponsored by our Michigan State Parks were big successes; Mike and Dave want to thank Jeff and Myia in the DNR Recreation department for their assistance and support.  Over 30 first-time windsurfers were introduced to the sport - most of them young folks!  Additional participants had a chance to demo brand new gear from our sponsors.  Even the wind cooperated with 5 - 10 knot winds - perfect for beginners.  Everyone is invited to head up north to… Continue

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Sergey, from videojibe, created a new wind sensors site, http://www.windscore.com, which captures all the NOAA sensors.  He's also created a sister mobile site: m.windscore.com .   Sergey is a really smart and capable guy, and so I imagine that he'll continue to improve the site.  Check it out: …


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Equipe and Super Light Dagger Gasket Replacement

Hey you longboarders that have these boards may be interested in this if your gasket needs replacement.

Go to Home Depot and purchase a 3 foot strip of black vinyl base molding (they have two thicknesses and stiffnessess - I used the slightly stiffer one about 1/16 in. thick), some barge cement and make your own.  Be careful removing the original gasket, the adhesive Mistral used took some of the epoxy skin off when I removed mine.  You can minimize damage by using a scraper with…


Added by David Batchelor on July 14, 2011 at 6:01pm — 1 Comment

iwindsurf sensors in the Great Lakes

There's a post on iwindsurf about adding iwindsurf sensors to the Great Lakes in an effort to get more people to join iwindsurf.  Here's the post on the Eastern area forum:


Joined: 23 May 2007

Posts: 19…


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Paddle Boarding on the Detroit River

Paddle Boarding on the Detroit River.
Click here to see who paddle boards on the Detroit River.…

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Whose car is this?

Saw this car in Hatteras (check the plate) and wondered who it belongs to?

The same MI plate hangs above the bar at Jibe City!…


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It's that time of the year

WeatherTalkers, Metro Beach and Lexington Harbor.


These are up and running due to user support. They are a private entity not promoted by the DNR at Lexington or the MetroParks at Metro Beach. The WeatherTalkers rely on support from the people who use them. User support is needed to keep the Metro Beach…


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