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Hello guys I was wondering what 90 kg guys are riding these days. I sail on Lake St.clair and am a relatively new windsurfer of 3 years I have intermediate skills and ride 5.5 6.5 7.5 cheetahs and a 9.5 lion All currently on a 2015 79.5 141 liter go board with multiple fins and I occasionally ride a mistral super light longboard with my 9.5 lion on super light days. I have widdled my choices down to geckos Exocet x moves and the jp magic rides in hopes of getting a board I can progress on in the 5.5 to 7.5 wind range at about 120 liters. I inquired with an email at jp boards and they think I would be better on a 110ish board for 7.5 to 5.5 range. If anyone has ridden these boards or has any advice for the next board and volume for me at my size it would be much appreciated.

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I'm 90 kg, and would not recommend a 110L board for 7.5m2.  I think you need something in the 120 L range for a sail that big.  I sail 8.0 and up on a 77 cm wide board;  5.8-6.9 on a 116L board;  5.0-5.8 on a 105, and 5.0 and below on a 95L board.  At 90 kg, you probably won't go smaller than 95L, unless you're in Maui, and even there I'm on a 95L.  YMMV

The jump from 7.5-9.0 is small an you can use the same board for that sail range.  The 5.5 -7.5 range is pretty big for a 90 kg guy and you probably won't want one board for that range.

I've ridden the Geckos and the magic rides, but only in Bonaire with small fins, so my opinions on those would not be valuable.


Thanks Brian It's always helpful to hear from bigger guys I'm just trying to avoid buying stuff I don't need and will have to or want to sell in the future.
Hey Ben,
I'm 205lbs. And I mainly sail a 145L Goya FXr. It's a sporty board, and really good in lake Saint Clair chop. A lot of nose rocker makes it excel when its rough. It's about 75cm wide and sails anything from 5.5 in a pinch and up to 8.5 pretty comfortably. 7.5 is its wheelhouse. More liters just keeps the stress out of you sailing when the wind is spotty like on Lake Saint Clair. When it's 6.0 or smaller weather and steady wind I use a late model 116l fanatic freewave. These two boards cover pretty much all conditions for me. Keep your longboard for the 9.5 and your set.
In short, you may want to stay with more liters and get into a sportier board to replace the SB Go.
Just a suggestion.

Thanks for the info Chris and I agree a sportier board for my big sails is a goal for me in the future and you and Brian definitely sound like you have your board quivers dialed in to work for your sail ranges. I also think I may have met you Chris at the Cass lake swap meet last year selling a 9.5 cheetah or maybe it was another Chris. Anyhow thanks for all the feedback guys.
Yes that was me! Good luck on your board search. It's always a tough choice since we can never test ride these damn things.


You touched on one of the real problems.   I take about three windsurfing vacations a year, in part hoping to try gear.  At some of the Vela locations, you can try new-ish JP gear.  At some of the Caribbean islands, the gear is old or you have to use small fins. The shops in Hatteras just shrunk by one, leaving only just one shop with new gear, albeit limited in selection.  In Maui, you can really only try new-ish JP stuff or Goya, and of course you're not going to be on the sizes we all sail at home.   In Hood River, they have the best selection of gear, but again the guys are on 4.5's. 

To add to that, if you're at one end of the weight spectrum, you can't really trust the reviews in the European magazines.  I've been through a lot of boards trying to find ones that I like.  This year, I finally went custom and that's a huge gamble.  What's a poor windsurfer to do?

I don't know much about custom boards but they must be pricey. Just out of curiosity what type of board did you have built for you at what type of price?
Yeah. That's the problem. We are never riding demos in our home waters. I ride mainly lake Saint Clair. Which you know Brian is never the same conditions. So, having a board with a really wide range would be ideal. These new wide shortboards; (the Freemove segment), seem like they would fit nicely in our home beach. Being low volume and wider and earlier planing. But I've only riden them in Aruba. It's hard to tell if they would be a handful at Metro when it gets big.
A board with more nose rocker, lots of V and softer tucked rails will offer more control at high speed in rough water. Although suffer lower end speed. But
The freemove boards as I said seem like they would be a good fit as a One board quiver. But with our short period steap waves I feel most freemoves may have too flat of a rocker line to handle it. If you can identify which brand freemove leans toward a higher degree of control in big chop then I feel that would be the right board for our lakes. And then from there hone in on the sail size you plan on sailing most. And that will tell you which size board you would need per the OEMs recommended sail range.
The sail size directly correlates with sailor weight. So if you ride a 7.5 mostly for instance the Starboard Atom at 124L Has a sail range of 6.0-9.0. So 7.5 will be most comfortable. And at 81cm wide will be a pretty stabile board for its volume and plane in light winds.
Brian, how are you liking that Custom?



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