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I am a newbie to the group.  My brother and I sail out of Patterson Park and are looking for some fins.  We have a Starboard Go 170L with the long OEM fin - Deep tuttle box design.  Not sure  - 56cm length? Verified 54cm length. Could really use a shorter fin or a weed fin since the lake is shallow.  40-48cm maybe?

We also have a Bic Veloce 130L (correction 151L) with a trim box.  I think there is too much fin since the board is unstable at higher speeds - perhaps (no, for sure) my technique needs help.  I don't remember the size of the fin tho - will look it up and post later.  Fin length is 35cm, area is 288cm2.

Any recommendations?  We generally use 6.5-8.0 m2 sails in mild chop.


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Let me know the trim box fin size you have.  Don Ferguson set me up with a gift set of a bunch of trim box fins, and I should have some extras in the smaller sizes and and am happy to pass part of his gift forward.  I have a Veloce 298 (listed at 137L - same board as yours?) and live in Grosse Pointe Woods so it sounds like a trip to my garage and some set-up comparisons are in order;)

Second question (after fin size) is where you are placing the fin in the box.  I am big and generally run larger fins than most people for a given sail size, and put them one setting from the back.  The board gets more agile (and less stable) as the fin gets moved forward, so one thing to try right away is slipping the fin back if you are running it forward.

Finally, the Veloce is a great board in heavy air as long as you keep pressure driving down through the mast base.  Compared to your GO it has a pretty narrow tail, and at high speed and chop if you don't keep the mast base loaded the Veloce (and other narrow-ish boards) will tend to tail walk and lose tracking ability


Hey Dave, thanks for the reply.  I'll be sailing out of Patterson tomorrow with my brother in the afternoon.  If you have access stop by.  Other wise I'll check out the sizes and setup (didn't realize the fin could be moved fore and aft for instance).  You can catch me on my cell at 248.431.9647.


Dave, checked the board today but didn't sail it.  My brother bought a used Mistral Equipe Race with a centerboard so we switched between that and the Go.  No wind at first (hardly any) and then it was blowing 20kts and I was way overpowered with a 8.5 sail.

I did check my Bic, see notes updated in the original post for fin size and board volume.  You were right about the fin position - my fin was all the way forward, so I moved it back a good 3" (4 pegs or so).  Anxious to try it out - maybe Weds at Patterson.  Call or text me and I'll stop by your garage to check out your setup.  I'm on vacation the week of the 4th so I'm pretty available.


Hi Jimmy,

Great session late yesterday.

At 151L it sounds like you have the Veloce 310.  Longer board than the 298 - even more important to drive a lot of mast base pressure to keep the nose on the water.

Just texted you - should have a good smaller fin for the Bic - see you sometime over the next few days.




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